Eric W. – April, 2015

I would wholeheartedly recommend Energy Unlimited. We asked them to provide cooling recommendations for our home last summer. Our home did not have existing ductwork so we wanted to hear about the pros and cons of central A/C and split ductless units. Mark came out to analyze our home and review the options. As he explained teach system, we learned that split ductless units have the ability to do heating in addition to cooling. We struggled with heating during the previous winter due to electric baseboard heat and our open floor plan, so this seemed like the better fit. Mark listened to our needs and recommended the split ductless over the much pricier central A/C job. Energy Unlimited also helped guide us to a financing option (eligible because they are energy efficient units) and a rebate. We went with that recommendation and had two units installed. I work at home full time so the impact of having a crew here can be a significant distraction. However, Mike and the rest of the installation crew was extremely professional and courteous; it was a wonderful experience. After completion, the split ductless units significantly improved our comfort during the summer.

The new equipment was also doing better job heating our home than our electric heat during the previous winter; unfortunately, the severe weather led to an issue with the outdoor unit and it malfunctioned. I called Energy Unlimited and they took care of the entire warranty process with the manufacturer. Mike kept an open line of communication during the process, alleviating what would have otherwise been an extremely frustrating situation. Everything has been repaired without any cost to us, and we are looking forward to flipping it back into cooling mode for the summer.


Wendy W. – March, 2017

After I purchased a new house I realized a hot shower only lasted 2-3 minutes.  This was due to an aging boiler and heating element.  The system did not have a water heater or hot water storage tank and the heating element according to Mike at Energy Unlimited could no longer supply enough hot water for the duration of a shower.  Mike came in and suggested an indirect storage tank attached to the boiler and although the boiler was older he did not feel it need to be replaced.  The price was reasonable and I now have a hot shower for longer than a few minutes.

Mike was great at explaining the entire system and why the problem was happening as well as what my options for replacement were.  I really appreciated not having to spend the money on a new boiler when it wasn’t necessary.  I absolutely recommend Energy Unlimited for your heating needs.


Renee D. – May, 2017

The office staff and repair guys were amazing. They were able to squeeze me in for an urgent repair, are very knowledgeable and trustworthy. I highly recommend them.


Kevin P and Amanda W – June, 2018

Energy Unlimited has been servicing our boiler for many years.  Over the past several the aging system had begun to fail and Mark and his team continued to keep it alive.  When time came to move forward with a new system Mark presented the options that were best suited for the household, the size of our family and requirements.  He took into consideration cost, financing and clearly explained all the various options.  He did not force the most expensive system, but presented what he believed to be the best option for the household.

Carolyn in the office was great in assisting with financing and was extremely responsive.  She kept everything on track and moving forward so installation could take place on the scheduled date.

Installation team led by Matt and Kevin arrived on time and took special care to protect personal belongings as they moved old equipment out and new equipment in.  The new system was installed by days end and the tools and craftsmanship they used were excellent.  Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the many years of great service of Energy Unlimited and look forward to many more (albeit without as many service calls).